Monday, September 13, 2010

So, Let's Talk...

About how this intense diet I'm on has totally killed my sex drive.

I've been house-sitting for the past two weeks, and I packed a special goody bag (toys, lube, etc.) of things I wanted to try out and review, but... I seriously have no drive.

Cue depression.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pleasurists #92

Abandoned Nude 4 by tiago13pereira

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  • Jackin’ Good Time by Sex Pistil
  • Trust me guys, once you go Jack Jelly, you will never want to go back. Its a non-oily, self warming lubricant, which feels like your very own precum. There are so many pros I don’t know where to start.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not That I'm Particularly Fond of MILF (or GILF) Porn...

...but I have to see this:


Inblogural Post!

See what I did there? Inblogural? Like Inaugural? See? Man, I'm clever. Anyway, here's the first ever V?IHKH! Review. Enjoy!

The Silky G by Evolved

Sooooooo, here's the thing: I'm not very good at taking things on faith. When the hypothetical 'Faith Gene' made the cover of Newsweek a couple (or maybe 5) years ago, I slammed the issue down in front of my mom and screamed "HA! I told you! I'm physically incapable of believing in God!" She then cried for hours, because I'm going to hell, and when she stopped crying, she screamed something about how I have "faith in this 'Faith Gene' theory", which just makes me a hypocrite, but that's another story all together.  If I can't see/touch it, I'm pretty quick to dismiss it. Which is why my faith in God soon went the way of Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the Goblin King.

I didn't believe in the Tooth Fairy for as long as I long believed in Santa.

I didn't believe in Santa for as long as I did the Goblin King.

And I didn't believe in the Goblin King for as long as I did God.

These days, one of the few things that I take on faith alone is the 'fact' that I do have a G-Spot. I unflinchingly believe I have a G-Spot, the way I believe I have tonsils and an appendix (and the way I believed that I had wisdom teeth, though that turned out to be an erroneous assumption). And one of these days, so help me (something more tangible than) God, I will find it.

That's not why I bought the Silky G, though. I bought the Silky G because it came in a really pretty tin, and I will buy anything if it's packaged well. Also, it's waterproof and relatively cheap ($24.99 from my local adult book store).

Here're the specs:
  • It's made of plastic. The aforementioned pretty package it came in informs me that this plastic is phthalates and latex free, and hypo-allergenic.
  • It comes in pink, purple, and blue though the store I bought it from only stocked the pink. 
  • It has a velvety texture. 
  • It's 7 1/2" long (6" of that insertable) and is 1 1/4" wide.
  • It has 3 vibration settings, controlled by a button at the base of the vibrator.
  • It takes 2 AA batteries.
Before I go into my experience with the Silky G, I'm going to say a few words about the G-Spot. Theoretically, the G-Spot is about the size of a nickel, and is located between 1 and 2" inside the vagina, as illustrated in this wonderful diagram:

However, my G-Spot (which totally exists and is not a figment of my imagination, I swear) is probably the size of a nail-head, and is located much, much further back, as shown on this handy diagram:

It should also be noted that I've never really gone looking for my G-Spot. The only reason I even believe I have one is because one time, during sex, I had my ass propped up and my partner was thrusting pretty deep and I think he might have accidentally skimmed it with the tip of his penis, because for about two seconds I thought I was going to orgasm/pee. But that was years ago, and I hadn't really thought about since.

Now that we've cleared that up, let me tell you about the Silky G: It was almost awesome. I spent about 2 hours with it the first night I had it, and I spent most of that time feeling like I was going to piss all over myself. Which is what it feels like when you're stimulating your G-Spot. (I think. The internet says so, anyway, so I'm going to go with "Yes".) In the end though, I felt like it was just a tiny bit too short, too skinny, and too weak to do what it was designed to do, and I ended up pulling it out and using it to orgasm clitorally. The tapered point is ideal for those of us who require concentrated vibration to finish.

I've used the Silky G on a few spelunking missions since, but they've all turned out the same way. I get close to the mythical vaginal orgasm, but I keep falling short.

As far as the rest of it goes: the girth is decent, it's fairly quiet, easy to use, and easy to clean. I'd recommend it for vibrator novices, or maybe for women who're already familiar with their G-Spots. But for those of us (I'm talking about myself here) on a Holy Grail quest of orgasms, I think the search continues...

Buy the Silky G: EdenFantasys Amazon Better Sex